Accord OmnÌ

by Cucumber and The Suntans

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released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Cucumber and The Suntans Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Bad Breath
The night doesn't smell very good, I didn't brush my teeth like a should have, got lost on the streets again, I am lost on my way again, and I don't know if I'm gonna make it in, and I don't know if I'm gonna make it in TIIIIME.

So Stop yerself if you can't take anymore, make it, make a choice to be better than most if you can help yourself, But sometimes you think that you're an animal, and sometimes I think that I am full of bullshit, full up of bullshit

Keep wishing that I was, then wishing that I wasn't
Track Name: Ok Baby/No One Needs That
Why did I decide to come to this party just to watch you dancing around with him, I knew it'd be a bad idea from the start, I knew it would hurt me in the end, and now yer just smilin' like you don't see me, no you never even once looked my way, I guess that I deserve this anyhow, all alone I don't wanna stay.

but it is, ok baby....

oh oh oh

Today I'm hung up on the woman that I love, and I've been picking up the pieces of the things I shoulda done, Now I'm fighting off a feelin' that I knew would be bringing me down and all pain I was dealing I knew it'd be coming back around.

It's cool, I'm a hand full baby, just let me go, you don't need a guy to criticize you, try to hide you, or advise you

you stated yer condition and i knew my position wasn't sound, thats why i pushed you out, thats why I'm feeling down. I wanted to love you and baby I wanted only you, so what can I do? WHAT CAN IIIII DO!?

It's cool, I'm a hand full baby, just let me go, you don't need a guy to criticize you, try to hide you, or advise you

ohhhh cuz no one needs that, no no one needs that, cause no one needs that ohhhhh
Track Name: Forget About It, Eh
For love you'll push your friends aside, push, push yer friends aside. For love, love will make you blind yes love will make you blind. For love you'll write an alibi, write, write, an alibi as to why you had to leave us at this time, so say good bye and I have held you back too long yes held you back too long, you you had to sing yer song yes had to sing yer song, and the key I don't agree but I have to be, Ok with it it seems, cuz never in my wildest dreams, did i imagine you'd be leaving me, not like this, not with her oh no,

And you play it so cool, you make me feel like a fool, don't you see my heart is breaking,
Track Name: Fili Demo'd
You tracked me down, searching through a thousand faces you found me, and we almost hit the ground,jumping into my arms laughing loudly, OH MY GAWD has it really been, nearly 7 years since I seen yah. So fill me in, Fili how you been girl? looking as radiant as ever! you know I missed you, did you miss me too, lets go back to yer place, let me look into, the galaxy of yer eyes...

Cuz yer face is the only thing that I have need for several years, my words they never came and then one day you disappeared, and my biggest fear is that you felt the same way

Oh i didn't no, no you didn't, feeling pensive, you fucking idiot, always assuming, incorrectly, never doing, scared of trying

the smell of the air, from the rain in the street, the feel of your jacket brushing up next to me. Her aura was haunted, couldn't shake her off of my side, then you came, and OPENED up my eyes. Now I am gaining esteem from being and being around you. So why can't I just stay here with you

Your face is the only thing that i have needed for several years. My words they never came and then one day you disappeared and my biggest fear
was that you saw me coming and you started running away, but you didn't, you let me in and you changed me friend yes you saved me that day, don't forget me no please don't forget me cause ill be back one day, to see your face, one day